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Steelers Better Without Le’Veon?

Its uncommon for a team to improve after losing a pair of All-Pro players, but the Pittsburgh Steelers could show the football world that chemistry can trump talent when building a championship roster.

While Im certainly not convinced that all squads with great camaraderie can make up for their talent deficiencies, I firmly believe that this Steelers team will be better thanks to an addition-by-subtraction approach that relieved the club of some distractions that played a role in its underachievement the past couple years.

No disrespect to those guys or what theyve been able to do over the course of their careers, particularly in Pittsburgh, but we had a Pro Bowl wideout on our team whos still on our team from last year.

We had a Pro Bowl running back last year who was on our team whos still on our team, said head coach Mike Tomlin at the NFLs Annual League Meeting in March, referring to Smith-Schuster and Conner.

Each of them played at an all-star level and they should give the team hope that the explosive offense that ranked among the best units in the league in recent years will continue to light up scoreboards in 2019.

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