Slovenia Objectives to Become the Leading Blockchain Innovation Destination in Europe

The government of Slovenia has revealed that it aims to place the nation as the leading Digital Slovenia 2020 occasion in mid-October 2017, Prime Minister Miro Cerar mentioned that the country’s regulatory companies and ministries are already studying the innovation and its possible applications.

“The regulative bodies and ministries are already studying Blockchain, and the state is taking part in activities at European level in the location of the introduction and guideline of this innovation. We are likewise already laying the foundations for the preliminary pilot testing of the innovation in the state administration.”

Other Blockchain developments in Slovenia

On October 3, the Slovenian government released the Blockchain Believe Tank as part of the Slovenian Digital Coalition.The think tank will act as a point-of-contact between Blockchain designers, market gamers, and the federal government. It will also collaborate the creation of various academic materials on Blockchain with various business and help in the drafting of new regulations around the technology.In his speech, Cerar

claimed that the government is extending its complete support behind the technology. “Slovenia as a whole is, for that reason,

setting itself up as a Blockchain-friendly location, and to that end it is establishing the pillars of a nationwide Blockchain ecosystem in the area of the transfer and spread of information, the adoption of legal policies and the promo of a supportive environment for the development of business operating in the location of Blockchain innovation.”

Meanwhile, the Slovenian Financial Stability Board has issued a caution to Slovenians recommending them to exercise care when investing in initial coin offerings (ICO) and digital currencies due to the absence of regulations covering them.


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