SEL Brief May 30 2019

Google algorithm update – not confirmed. We are seeing early signals of a possible Google algorithm update. This is not yet confirmed by Google. We will keep an eye on it.

Google developer docs updated. Google is continuously updating its developer docs. In fact, many docs related to search, including structured data, mobile-first indexing, the code lab, and more topics have all been updated recently.

Change. Google is not afraid to make changes but is aware that these changes impact searchers and businesses.

Mobile-first indexing notices. If your site hasn’t yet been switched over to mobile-first indexing, expect to receive a notice explaining what changes you need to make before you can be moved over.

Smarter than an 8th grader. SEO Glenn Gabe presented in front of an 8th grade class about search and SEO. He shared some interesting insights he was able to learn from those 8th graders.

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