See solar eclipse 2017 live video from NASA on Facebook

total solar eclipse nasa logo caleclipse NASA; When you open Facebook on August 21, an unique message from the company will welcome you

about the total solar eclipse. “On August 21st, the United States will experience the first coast-to-coast overall solar eclipse in 99 years, making this the most important huge event in the social media age,” Facebook told Service Insider in an emailed declaration.

In addition to NASA TELEVISION’s feed, Facebook will also promote a 4K-resolution, 360-degree Facebook Live broadcast from Charleston, South Carolina. This livestream will be fully interactive, so you can look around and feel like you’re really on the ground in the course of totality.( Though absolutely nothing can beat the real experience.)The message Facebook users see on Monday will read: “Experience the Total Solar Eclipse: Today countless Americans will see the sky like they have actually never ever seen it previously. Join us for this unusual and lovely cosmic occasion.”

Facebook said clicking on the message will assist you see NASA’s Facebook Live coverage, which starts at 12 p.m. EDT (9 a.m. PDT).

Here’s how the note will try to find mobile users:

The social media network said it also plans to push out brand-new effects and filters for its Facebook Cam function that will promote the hashtag #Eclipse 2017.

Facebook wouldn’t inform Company Expert the number of people it expects to tune in, but kept in mind that 45 million of its users are linked to pages related to astronomy and area exploration. NASA’s Facebook page has 30 million likes on the social media network.

The business also estimated that there “are about 9 million individuals on Facebook or Instagram who live in cities along the course of the overall eclipse.”

united states us total solar eclipse map august 21 2017 nasa gsfc svs< img src =" "alt=" united states us total solar eclipse map august 21 2017 nasa gsfc svs" data-mce-source ="NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio"data-mce-caption="A United States map of the total solar eclipse's shadow on August 21, 2017."data-link= ""> An US map of the overall solar eclipse’s shadow on August 21,

2017. NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio “This will be the most photographed, a lot of shared, most tweeted occasion in human history,” Tyler Nordgren, an astronomer at the University of Redlands, recently told The Atlantic. You can capture all of the very best live video feeds of the overall solar eclipse here, or watch NASA’s Facebook Live feed listed below.


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