Sea Snakes Drink from Oceanic Freshwater Lenses, New Study Shows

Acquisition of freshwater is troublesome for sea serpents residing in nautical atmospheres that are far-off from resources of freshwater related to land. These consist of varieties surviving coral reefs that are much from land, and also particularly pelagic serpents in the open sea. A distinctively fascinating varieties of sea serpent is the yellow-bellied sea serpent (Hydrophis platurus), which is the just pelagic varieties of squamate reptile and also varies from southerly Africa throughout the Indo-Pacific to the Pacific shore of Central America. A brand-new research study reveals that yellow-bellied sea serpents living where there is dry spell ease their dehydration as quickly as the damp period hits, as well as do so by acquiring freshwater from ‘lenses’ that base on the surface area of the sea throughout hefty rainfall.

The yellow-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis platurus). Image credit: Mark Sandfoss, University of Florida.

The yellow-bellied sea serpent (Hydrophis platurus). Picture credit scores: Mark Sandfoss, University of Florida. The yellow-bellied sea serpent

is the only reptile in the order Squamata that stays in the ocean blue. This types arrays from seaside southeast Africa throughout the Indo-Pacific to the coasts of Central America where the latitudinal circulation consists of the Gulf of California to the north as well as Ecuador to the south.

Offered its wide array and also seafaring presence, throughout the completely dry period it has no accessibility to freshwater.

Exactly how yellow-bellied sea serpents endure in areas of dry spell appears to pivot upon accessibility to freshwater lenses, however little is understood about exactly how these aquatic animals respond to or eat rains.

“This research study adds to a fuller understanding of just how pelagic sea serpents, and also potentially various other aquatic pets, prevent desiccation adhering to seasonal dry spell mixed-up,” stated University of Florida’s

Professor Harvey Lillywhite, lead writer of the research. Teacher Lillywhite as well as coworkers caught 99 sea serpents off the coastline of Costa Rica (surprisingly, the serpents have actually never ever been observed in tidewaters) as well as supplied them freshwater in a research laboratory atmosphere.

The scientists took place to be there equally as 6 months of dry spell damaged as well as the stormy period started.

They discovered that just 13% of serpents recorded after the rains started approved the deal, contrasted to 80% of those recorded prior to. The rains need to have relieved their thirst.

“How these pets find as well as collect rainfall is necessary because the current decreases as well as terminations of some types of sea serpents,” Professor Lillywhite claimed.

“The inquiry continues to be: How will environment adjustment as well as its results on rainfall effect the sea serpents?”

The searchings for show up online in the journal PLoS ONE.


H.B. Lillywhite et alia. 2019. Consuming alcohol by sea serpents from nautical freshwater lenses initially rains finishing seasonal dry spell. PLoS ONE 14 (2 ): e0212099; doi: 10.1371/ journal.pone.0212099

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