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Save Water with Smart Sprinklers

Save Water with Smart Sprinklers

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Mike Strayer

Squish Squish.

We have all been there. You realize you forget to turn off the sprinklers, a storm rolls through and you come home to a flooded yard. Not only have you wasted gallons of water, you’ve also saturated the soil. The frustrating part is that you could have prevented it.

Or you find out about the local water ban, when you see the fine in your mailbox. Again, it could have been prevented.

With the arrival of spring, there is an urgent need for an efficient and effective sprinkler system. Traditional irrigation systems are limited in their performance and can over or under-water your lawn. Additionally, these older systems can only be controlled when you are home. Finally, they do not account for weather changes and must be frequently serviced, wasting your precious time and money.

Fortunately, there is a solution to these common watering problems: Smart Sprinklers! Smart sprinklers allow you as the homeowner to spend less time maintaining your sprinkler system and more time on things you care about.

What is Smart Watering?

Smart watering is an innovative and customizable watering controller for your lawn:

  • Automate your watering process
  • Customize your smart sprinklers to meet your yard watering needs based on soil and landscape types, humidity, location and more.
  • Manage Smart Sprinklers from your phone and adjust watering based on weather and landscape conditions

Most Smart Sprinklers are EPA WaterSense certified and can guarantee 20% less water loss. Traditional irrigation systems rely on the clock to schedule watering without considering weather data and soil conditions.

The Department of Energy estimates that smart sprinklers save households nearly 9,000 gallons of water each year.[1] Because of this, some communities offer rebates to homeowners who install a WaterSense certified smart watering system. Check with your local government to see if you are eligible for a rebate!

Skydrop: Innovative Smart Watering

Skydrop is an innovative new solution to meet your lawn irrigation needs. Just Energy partners with Skydrop to bring smart watering solutions to homes all over the nation. This EPA WaterSense? Certified system provides comfort, convenience, and control for easy irrigation and reduces water waste.


Save up to 30% on your water usage with a smart sprinkler controller that adjusts to real-time weather conditions.1


Manage your smart sprinkler controller remotely from your smartphone, computer or tablet.


Local water restrictions are updated automatically, so you’re never caught off guard.

 With Skydrop Smart Watering solutions, you can:


1. Potential savings varies according to geographic location, usage, and other factors:


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