Red Bulls’ Florian Valot emerges as regular

There were several times over the past couple of years that Florian Valot considered quitting soccer.

Gifted on the ball and possessing a high work-rate, Valot’s emergence this year coincides with a strong run of form for the Red Bulls.

But Valot’s journey to get here includes being cut by Ligue 1 juggernaut Monaco then nearly quitting college soccer a couple years later.

He also believed he bombed out of a local college combine run by the Red Bulls, as well as even contemplating moving on from the New York organization this past offseason.

But he stuck with it and following his final year at Rider in 2015, Valot was offered a chance to come to the Red Bulls’ combine for local college players.

That fall, the Red Bulls had scouted several of Valot’s games in person.

He had some thoughts, Valot admits, about leaving the Red Bulls organization.

Red Bulls II head coach John Wolyniec commented last year that Valot is at his best when he is smiling.

Valot said that he found happiness on the field this year after evaluating himself this offseason.

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