Patterbar and Sejoyia Make Sweet, Healthy Treats for Coloradans

Patterbar is a new energy bar made in Denver.

Patterbar is a new energy bar made in Denver.” So lots of items out there have actually concentrated variations of components of food that people have chosen are great for you, “she keeps in mind, utilizing examples such as dates and blueberries. “They concentrate it and then add it back into your food, however it’s a lab compound, and you do not get that fiber you would obtain from the whole food.”

The Patterbar can be found in three tastes: blueberry-lemon, coconut-cashew and fruit with nuts and seeds. Each bar is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free and contains no added sugar. The sweet taste comes from medjool dates, balanced with a dash of sea salt. The coconut-cashew uses coconut three methods: raw and toasted coconut flesh and virgin organic coconut oil. The blueberry-lemon sources the finest unsweetened, dried blueberries Gersuk has found, which come from Michigan. The bar also contains sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), ginger, tahini and lemon. Lastly, the fruit-and-nut bar is loaded with Gersuk’s favorite dried tart cherries, as well as almonds, oats, un-sulphured coconut flakes, natural flax seeds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and virgin organic coconut oil.

The ingredients in the fruit-and-nut Patterbar. EXPAND The components in the fruit-and-nut Patterbar.” People think more is better, but in reality you need to have the entire food to obtain all the advantages of it,”she says.”

At least that’s how I have constantly thought it to work, and it’s the most old-fashioned thing. “This commitment to entire foods began when Gersuk was making meals and treats for her 3 kids. This was decades ago, and she had trouble finding store-bought goods that didn’t have added sugar or chemical active ingredients, so she started making them herself. For many years Gersuk continued to work up wholesome foods as well as taught classes at Williams-Sonoma and was a teacher for the staff at Whole Foods. She and her hubby have actually moved all around the nation due to the fact that of his globe-trotting task, but she has called Denver house considering that 2015 to be closer to her daughters.

“I think food can taste good and it’s not hard; it’s really basic,” states Gersuk. “It’s really gratifying to me to have individuals around that want something that’s real food.”

Sejoyia lemon coco-roons. EXPAND She is not alone, Sequoia Cheney, owner of Sejoyia, also produced a healthy treat to help combat the grocery-store racks filled with filler active ingredients and overly sweetened desserts. Cheney’s contribution to the health-snack market is Coco-roons and Coco-thins, two delicious coconut-based cookies filled with goodness.

“It was founded on this belief that individuals was worthy of something much better in sweet snacking, particularly in the cookie aisle,” says Taylor Harrell, the Sejoyia marketing director. “The idea is to deliver something to the cookie aisle that didn’t provide you a sugar crash or was filled with junk; it’s not an Oreo made with organic ingredients, but something mindfully made.”

Sejoyia Coco-roons are made in Louisville. EXPAND Sejoyia Coco-roons are made in Louisville. In this case, mindfully made adds up to absolutely nothing more than coconut, cashews, coconut sugar, sea salt and flour developed from cassava, a root veggie found in Latin American, Asian and Africa that’s gluten-, grain- and nut-free. The soft, macaroon-like cookie bites been available in tastes such as salted caramel, lemon pie, maple vanilla and chocolate chip. The recently released crispy Coco-thins been available in vanilla, chocolate, lemon and salted caramel. All of the cookies are vegan, kosher, non-GMO certified, gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

Sejoyia began in California in 2006, however moved operations to Louisville and Boulder in 2016. The idea, says Harrell, was that Stone represented the worths the business preferred, and now all production is done in or around the location using local companies such as ePac Flexible Packaging and Freelo Style.

“There’s so much here, and it’s such a vibrant community for health foods,” says Harrell, including that although Cheney still lives in California, she goes to Boulder frequently to supervise production and style. “We’re really attempting to comprehend exactly what individuals desire out of their sweet snacking and coconut cookies, and how we can innovate and produce brand-new items that are aligned with the brand name and what we stand for.”

You can discover Sejoyia at numerous Safeway, Whole Foods and King Soopers grocery shops around Denver and Stone, or purchase them from the Sejoyia site. You can purchase Patterbars at the South Pearl Street Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until November 18; or purchase them from the company’s online shop.

On a current Sunday at the South Pearl Street Farmers’ Market, Patter Gersuk stood in the sun giving out samples of her Patterbar, an energy bar boasting what she refers to as simple, clean and great active ingredients. The little squares of brown food appeared uninspiring, but the flavor showed anything but.

“I enjoy when I get those individuals who do not like natural food and they say it tastes excellent,” Gersuk says.
“There’s no additional sugar, and it’s gratifying to offer people something that tastes good that they truly like.”

Gersuk formally started Patterbar this past March, an enthusiasm task originating from her own commitment to serving entire foods to her household. The idea, she says, is to obtain energy from natural components, not unusual ingredients that lots of “health” bars consist of.


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