Noah Rubin Has A New Idea To Connect With Tennis Players.

Jetlagged after flying back from Australia, where he had lost in the second round of Australian Open qualifying, Rubin was browsing Instagram while watching The American Meme, a Netflix special about…Instagram influencers, of course when he came across a post from Humans of New York.

While Humans of New York, a popular social media account run by the photographer Brandon Stanton, features photos of anonymous New Yorkers and accompanying anecdotes, Rubins spinoff would showcase the best tennis players in the world, posing behind their strings and telling personal stories.

Last fall, Rubin and his best friend, Max Eichler, were musing on the mundane nature of tennis press conferences.

Yep, I feel great today, I played hard, my opponent played well, blah blah, Rubin says.

The account, which already has more than 6,000 followers on Instagram, showcases stories many of them deeply personal from professional tennis players.


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