New Raspberry Pi User Magazine Launched By Future Magazine

Raspberry Pi User Magazine

Future Publishing has currently launched a new repository privately for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and anyone else that would like to learn some-more about a overwhelming mini PC and building projects and programming regulating it.

The new repository named PiUser is now accessible to squeeze for £7.99 and is a small some-more costly than a central MagPi repository published and combined by a central Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Future Publishing has a good lane record for formulating good magazines and has done a representation emanate accessible to perspective online and squeeze as good as creation it accessible in newsagents via a UK.

At Pi User we’re here to do some-more than get we started programming with a Pi, nonetheless we’ll uncover we how to do that as well. We’ll enthuse we with a latest Pi projects, reviews and Pi news.


• 20 overwhelming Pi add-ons
• Build a Pi drone
• Learn to module in Minecraft
• Make your possess Pi Zero-powered robot
• Get to grips with a new Pixels Desktop

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