Music style customised Designer Cakes and Cupcakes

“One advantage about music, when it hits you, you feel no discomfort.” — Bob Marley. Music is enjoyed by nearly everybody all over the world, it is said to unite individuals divided by language, caste, colour, creed and more. They state music has no language. We have actually prepared an list of terrific Cakes and Cupcakes which have to language too, that’s right these are the Customized made, customised designer Cakes and Cupcakes which can be done and provided around Mumbai. The Cakes and Cupcakes consist of Rock band cakes, consisting of, Metallica, Linkin Park, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin and more. Legends like Elvis Presley Cakes and Freddie Mercury Cakes look amazing too, if you wish to present it to a Fan. Take a look at the Personalised theme designer Music Themed Cakes and Cupcakes which can be developed and delivered in Mumbai Micheal Jackson– Thriller– designer Fondant Cake Metallica Theme designer Cake with Metallica Logo Metallica Designer Customised Cake Black Fondant Metallica– Rock Cake Weapons and Roses– Appetite For Destruction Birthday Cake Weapons and Roses with genuine Roses Birthday Cake Fondant designer Weapons and Roses Cake with Hand Crafted Fondant Roses Nirvana fondant handcrafted Logo Cake Multi-tier Abbey Roadway Colourful ‘The Beatles’ Cake The Beatles band cake with Drums Beatles– Abbey Roadway Cake with The Beatles Logo Design Freddie Mercury 3D character Birthday Cake Freddie Mercury Crafted with Fondant 40th Birthday Cake Guitar Shaped Birthday cake Music Dance Piano design 2 tier Cake Justin Bieber Multi-tier designer 12th Birthday cake with Edible Image 9th Birthday Justin Bieber Cake AC/DC Logo designer Style Music Birthday cake Music– Stars– Guitar 3 tier Birthday cake Led Zepplin Band Rock Performance 21st Birthday cake The wanderers tongue Birthday cake Led Zeppelin Birthday with Logo The rolling stones birthday cake Colourful Nirvana Logo cake Hardrock Cafe style Birthday cake Music lovers 40th Birthday cake Headphones Fondant Birthday Piano Slider Birthday cake Elvis Presley 3D caricature Birthday cake– Absolutely Handmade The Beatles– All you need is Love– Designer theme Music Birthday cake Linkin Park Band Birthday cake Guns and Roses designer style premium Wedding cakes and cupcakes iPod– Justin Bieber– Teen Birthday Cake Queen Band– Freddie Mercury Birthday cake King of Pop– Michael Jackson Pose Birthday cake Michael Jackson multi-tier Wedding event cake with Edible pictures Michael Jackson Hat– Gloves designer cake Like theses Music theme designer Cakes? Would you like to purchase among them in Mumbai? Look no More, call us on +91 845400444 4 or email us on and we will create, bake and deliver these Music theme designer Personalised Premium Cakes and Cupcakes to your house/ office/ location throughout Mumbai.

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