Mazda Formally Reveals the Return of the Rotary Engine As Range Extenders for Electric Cars

See? And you thought all that praying to Ahura Mazda Was for absolutely nothing? Well it worked: Mazda’s famous Wankel rotary engine is returning! To cars and trucks! Of course, Ahura Mazda’s power isn’t precisely what it was back in 500 BCE, so there’s a catch: the rotaries will just be used as variety extenders for upcoming Mazda electric cars. Still, the rotary’s back! Lastly, you can have apex seal issues on an electrical vehicle!

I kid, I kid! I love the rotary!

Mazda is planning to have 95 percent combustion-electric hybrid lorries by 2030 (the remaining 5 percent will be pure battery-electric automobiles), and are preparing to utilize rotaries as range extenders for the hybrid automobiles, mentioning the rotary’s little size to power output ratio, peaceful operation, and fuel flexibility:

The rotary engine was initially used as a range extender on the Mazda Cosmo, when it extended that automobile’s range from 0 miles to nevertheless numerous miles you desired by including more gas.

A rotary is a pretty good choice for a range-extending engine for not just the factors pointed out above, but because it’s practically vibration-free and has fewer moving parts than a traditional piston engine, helping with maintenance and durability.

It’s possible the rotaries utilized may be little and oriented with the rotor on a horizontal plane instead of a vertical, as seen in this Japanese patent drawing from September:

A flat, horizontal layout will likely make packaging much easier, potentially allowing a rotary range extender to be housed in an underfloor compartment along with a hybrid’s batteries.

The very first Mazda hybrid with a rotary variety extender is anticipated to come out in 2020. Sure, it’s not an all-new rotary RX-7, however I’m simply pleased to see the rotary engine still staying alive and pertinent.


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