MagNeo MacBook Magnetic USB-C Adapter (video)

MagNeo MacBook Magnetic USB-C Adapter

Apple MacBook Pro users that were unhappy when Apple private a captivating charging ports from a latest MacBook Pro laptops might be meddlesome in a new captivating USB-C adapter that has been privately designed for Apple laptops, and takes a form of a MagNeo.

The MagNeo captivating USB-C adapter supports all inclination that are versed with USB-C connectors, including all Thunderbolt 3 devices. This includes a latest 2016 Macbook Pros both 13? ad 15? as good as USB-C Hubs and Docks, Google Pixel smartphones and more.

MagNeo MacBook Magnetic USB-C Adapter

Check out a proof video next to learn some-more about a MagNeo MagSafe character captivating USB-C adapter, that is now accessible to behind with super earlybird pledges starting from usually $19 and offers support for 4K Ultra HD video, information synchronisation and charging. Its creators explain a small some-more about a pattern and advantages of a MagNeo that supports both Apple and android devices.

MagNeo MacBook Magnetic USB-C Adapter

MagNeo is by distant a many concordant and serviceable USB-C captivating connector out there. Its a initial and usually captivating connector that does not usually power, though information and video as well. Finally, your USB-C pier can be used as intended, not usually for charging.

MagNeo has 3X a functionality of other captivating connectors, with a singular capability to yield all a USB-C signals compulsory of new peripherals. Not usually is a connector rated for adult to 100W charging capacity, it also allows adult to 5K video and Thunderbolt 3 speed data, all while progressing USB-C reversible connector capability.

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