Sunday , December 16 2018

Luxury and Digital: The Shining Combination

Deal them the luxury of time:

“Severe luxury is simplicity for the customer,” says Nathalie Gonzalez, Marketing Director of Nespresso France, convinced that digital is just one tool among others readily available to luxury brands to assist in usage and improve customer fulfillment. “Digital helps us, for example, to offer our customers faster orders, along with the geolocation of services near their houses, such as capsule recycling. Providing a remarkable client relationship: this is the essence of luxury.

Gagner du temps The value of a combined multi-channel experience
: Hence, digital channels– the brand name’s platform, blogs, socials media– play a crucial function in the search for info that leads to purchases: more than 9 out of 10 consumers who get info by means of digital and in shops will ultimately purchase in shops, notes the current study “Travel to the heart of luxury”, performed by Albatross and 1000mercis, and revealed in October 2017. That’s the significance of an unified multi-channel shopping experience.

Talk with a consultant through click-to-call:

Concentrating on high-end leather items, Longchamp has equipped its website with a “click-to-call” module. Released by the start-up WannaSpeak, it enables Internet users to speak with a consultant.” It appears crucial to us to accompany the customer at crucial moments in the purchasing procedure,” describes Benoît Dausse, associate director and co-founder of WannaSpeak.

He may require reinsurance prior to validating his basket.” In practice, telephone connection buttons exist throughout the online brochure in the product sheets.

“Our goal is to increase the conversion rate while increasing client fulfillment. Luxury consumers are requiring in terms of service quality,” adds Jessica Fontaine, job manager at Longchamp.


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