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Las Vegas Strip Club Accepts Bitcoin

Las Vegas Strip Club

In 2017 mainstream media was introduced to Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency market appeared. As the cryptocurrency continued to grow, investors grew tiring of not having the ability to purchase things with their digital tokens. You are now able to purchase houses, automobiles, flights, NBA tickets, cosmetic surgery, funerals and home appliances with Bitcoin. Now, a Las Vegas strip club is the latest service to accept the digital token for its services.

The Legends Room opened back in May of last year. The adult entertainment club has an internal Bitcoin ATM, and its customers can purchase the cryptocurrency immediately. The Legends Space dancers have the opportunity to use a momentary QR barcode tattoo that’s linked to a cryptocurrency wallet address. This barcode can be scanned on a smartphone, and the digital tokens can be dispersed immediately.

The club chose to begin implementing this when cryptocurrency costs began to increase and desired to stay up-t0-date with the innovation. This technology enables the dancers the privacy of their profession by not having to explain to the banks why they are transferring big amounts of cash. One of the entertainers at the club discussed that she had her account closed down and some banks will not enable workers in this field to open accounts with them.

By deciding to pay in cryptocurrency, the club offers a 20 percent discount, and it also benefits the employees as it secures their payments. The Legends Space now holds their own cryptocurrency named LGD. The club owner, Nick Blomgren, told LasVegasNow: “In the beginning it was like a great deal of bitcoin guys can be found in, a lot of LGD members was available in and wished to use their LGD to see if they can purchase anything here at the club since no one really believed that the club existed in the start– So now it’s, it’s ended up being like interest. Let’s go down there and see if we can utilize our cryptocurrency.”

What other sector do you see cryptocurrency breaking into?

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