Is Josh Gray Going To Step Up His Game?

For most players at the NBA G League Elite Mini Camp, proving their worth comes down down to doing all of the little things.

But every now and then, in the cases of Rudy Gobert, Jeremy Lin, and Danny Green (to share some examples), such G League alums have demonstrated the talent necessary to potentially rise up as a starting NBA stud.

Northern Arizona Suns guard Josh Gray looks like he may be able to join the ranks of some of the G League’s best players to ever hit the minor league hardwood.

Some may consider that to be a little cocky, but Gray had more than a handful of 30+ point explosions to back up his style of play this season.

If he could play like that every night, there’s no doubt that Gray wouldn’t only be playing in the NBA right now, but he’d carve out a consistent role doing so.

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