Huawei Watch No Longer Listed on the Google Play Store

Google had a complete Android Wear section on its website about the smartwatches with the company’s platform running on it, and Huawei Watch is among the best ones available, thanks to its premium build quality and looks.

However, if you’re interested in picking up the Huawei Watch, you’ll be unhappy to find out it’s no longer available on the Google play Store.

The smartwatches are listed as unavailable, even the ones for ladies. There’s no word if the search engine giant plans to restock the smartwatches, but the chances are slim at the moment. Smartwatches are not as popular as the company might have expected at the time of their launch, even Apple doesn’t release the number of smartwatches the company has sold.

Additionally, in the past few months, we haven’t seen any major smartwatch releases in the past few months, hinting that the companies didn’t have a very decent stint at selling them.

Source: GSMArena

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