How To Make Your Hair Colour Last

, How To Make Your Hair Colour Last, Innovation ΛI

It’s a concern for many, how to ensure their freshly coloured hair lasts the test of time. A salon visit is expensive and its important that you make every effort at home to keep your hair colour as vibrant and healthy looking as possible. We’ve pulled together some tips and hacks for keeping that hair colour as dazzling as the day you coloured it.

  1. Avoid washing your hair the same day you colour. Waiting before you wash gives the hair dye a chance to settle into the hair.
  1. Invest in a good daily conditioner or an at-home conditioning treatment. Dry hair can affect the look and feel of hair. Using a high-quality conditioner can replenish and revitalize locks.
  1. Protect hair when swimming. Both chlorine and the sun’s rays can be harsh on the hair. Use a swim cap or some other protector for your hair when in the water.
  1. Minimize exposure to hot water. Using cooler water when washing hair can help keep hair colour looking vibrant longer.
  1. Consider washing your hair less. For many women, daily washing isn’t necessary and can help keep your hair and its colour in good condition.
  1. Cover your hair. If you’re out in the sun a lot consider wearing a hat. It’ll not only protect hair, but it will also help keep you cooler.

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