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Hair Knots Are Still Perfectly Cool For Fall 2016

While knotted, textured hair might have done a dash on a catwalks final year, a now-ubiquitous hair tangle is also en practice for Fall 2016. Whether we wish to accidentally accumulate your prolonged thatch into dual mini buns or qualification an superb updo, demeanour no serve than a season’s runways. Take your hair impulse from a catwalks, and welcome a curled upswept character in all a variations this autumn.


Christian Dior

At Dior, models strut down a runway with relating double buns. If you’re in a witty mood, try adopting this braid with a span of curled low buns. Meanwhile, a frail side partial and sleekly pulled behind tresses assistance to ideal this hairdo.



The tangle also staged a quip during Valentino, where thatch were styled into high, extreme buns. The demeanour of exquisitely swept-back hair helps to showcase your physiognomy and stress your cheekbones. As an combined plus, a well-spoken high bun also ensures that pesky, thick strands will stay out of your eyes and sojourn in place.



At Marchesa, a must-have tangle was remade into a glamorous, seemly hairdo for a dusk hours. If you’re attending a grave function, try sporting a identical demeanour with a center partial and loosely pinned behind locks. A beautiful low chignon with facilely pinned-back strands will certainly finish your night out beauty statement.

Photos: Vogue Runway 

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