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There’s still a lot that we have no idea about dinosaurs, but researchers have actually simply made an exciting announcement that gives us a clearer picture of what these remarkable beasts resembled when they strolled the Earth countless years ago: Prominent paleontologists from all over the world have collectively consented to start saying that stegosauruses had gorgeous singing voices, since it’s a great thought and it’s not like they’re hurting anyone.Wow.

This is an extraordinary scientific discovery that, while not technically real, is harmless enough that we can probably all just roll with it.Paleontologists showed up

at the huge contract previously today at the 2017 North American Paleontological Conference in Ann Arbor, MI where they chose that they couldn’t consider any real negative consequences to telling everyone that stegosauruses preferred to sing pleased songs when they were around other friendly dinosaurs and frightening tunes when they encountered T. rexes. They further agreed that it would probably put a smile on pretty much anyone’s face to picture a herd of the spiky Jurassic animals happily shuffling in location while belting out a good birthday tune for a pterodactyl, and they figured they might probably release a paper stating that this was something that really happened without upsetting any person too much.What an interesting, albeit produced, glimpse into the previous!”As long as nobody’s getting bent out of shape about it, what

‘s the harm in stating that stegosauruses sang lovely tunes?”stated Yale paleontologist Jenny Simons, lead researcher of the team that announced the discovery.” It’s not like we’re messing up any of the existing research on stegosauruses– we’re still stating that they were herbivores with protective plates on their backs and all that. It’s simply kind of fun to consider them waddling around in the woods, singing happy tunes about all the various things they see.”Well, no matter how you feel about the group’s scientific techniques, you need to concur that does sound pretty awesome. Three

cheers for this incredible new discovery!


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