Google Search Console sending performance report emails

Google is now sending some verified Google Search Console site owners monthly reports showing how well their sites are performing in Google search. The email report going out now says “your July performance on Google Search.”

What is this report. This report shows a monthly summary of data from your Google Search Console reports. Data from your performance reports including clicks, impressions, average rankings, the top-performing content pages, top countries, mobile vs desktop performance, and much more.

What it looks like. Here is a screen shot from Murat Yatagan on Twitter, but you can see more also from SEO Alive on Twitter (although it is not in English).

Why we care. This will help make sure those who get these emails are keeping their search rankings and SEO performance top of mind. It might lead to more business for SEO agencies because your clients are getting these emails. It also might lead to your clients asking you a lot more questions about their SEO performance. While most of the people reading this site daily probably check in on their Google Search Console reports daily or weekly, your clients might not be. So be on the look out for more client feedback, which you may or may not welcome.


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