Google search bug has search suggestions crawling off the page

An apparent bug is currently affecting Google’s search suggestions and auto-complete function. If you try to search and begin typing, Google will show auto-complete search suggestions on the right side of the search box, instead of showing them underneath the search box.

Here is a screen shot:

Complaints. Tons of searchers, SEOs, SEMs and our community are not liking what they see and posted screen shots and videos of this in action. Here are some of those:





The complaints go on and on.

Is it a bug? Google has not confirmed if this is a bug or not. But based on everything we see, how it looks, this appears to be a bug. Danny Sullivan from Google believes this is a bug, as he noted on Twitter:


Fix coming? We would think Google will be fixing this issue fast, but Google has not yet acknowledged it or given us a statement.

Fixed. Google has confirmed this was a bug and has resolved the issue. Everything is now back to normal.


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