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Google Search Console adds new guided recipes reports

Google launched new reports this morning in Google Search Console for Guided Recipes. Google launched a new Guided Recipes Enhancement report and also Guided Recipes in Rich Results test.

This new feature allows you to “instantly validate the markup for individual recipes,” Google said. IT also lets you discover any issues with all of the recipes on your site.

Guided Recipes Enhancement Report. The new guided recipes enhancement report gives you a dedicated report for your recipe markup. It will show you errors, warnings, and fully valid pages found among your site’s recipes. In addition, if you find an issue and then fix that issue, you can use the report to notify Google that your page has changed and then Google should recrawl and process the page.

Guided Recipes in Rich Results Test. Google also updated the rich results testing tool to display errors or suggestions for your recipe structured data.

You can also use the Preview tool in the Rich Results Test to see how Assistant guidance for your recipe can appear on a smart display. You can find any issues with your markup before publishing it.

Why we care. These extra reports and tools around recipe markup can be amazing for sites that use recipe markup. You cannot only find issues with your recipe markup in a more efficient manner, you can now also report to Google that you fixed those issues. This can lead to your recipes showing up properly in Google faster.


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