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New Google Ad Headline Font

Google is testing a larger font size in ad headlines.

The first headline displays in a considerably larger font on line one with a second headline appearing below it. The test was spotted by PPC hubbub.

We have been able to replicate this on the Google mobile app. In the example we captured, only the ad in the absolute top position displays with the new test formatting. In the screenshot below, the Geico ad at the top exhibits the test formatting with the much larger font size for the first headline while the Progressive ad in position two renders with the normal headline font treatment.

Google is testing larger fonts in ad headlines.

In the search result captured by PPC hubbub, all of the ads in the top positions above the organic results showed the test headline treatment.

Why we care. It’s easy to see this treatment yielding higher click-through rates. Google is always running tests and there’s no telling if this one will stick, or if it would roll out for just the absolute top ad, all top ads or even all ads on the page. Google often reserves features for the ad in the absolute top position, making it more desirable and competitive in the ad auction. But it’s clearly testing the treatment in the absolute top ad against the impact when all four top ads get the big-font treatment.


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