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Google pushes out Google Ads API v1 sunset date

Google is postponing the Google Ads API v1 retirement and giving developers more flexibility around updates that require changes to their AdWords API and Google Ads API code.

What’s changing. Developers will have more time to migrate to version two. The Google Ads API v1 sunset is now slated for July 29, 2020. The AdWords API will also remain available for production use, the company said.

Updates that will require coding changes will either be deferred or developers will be given more time to implement them.

Why we care. The decisions, announced Tuesday, are meant to help businesses dealing with the upheaval caused by COVID-19. “As communities respond to COVID-19, we know that this time presents unique challenges for everyone,” Nadine Wang, wrote in the announcement on behalf of the Google Ads API Team.

Other updates to continue. Google will still release new API features that don’t require coding changes on advertisers’ end. “We will continue releasing new versions of the Google Ads API to get new features to you,” Wang wrote.

Google Ads developer support. Google’s own support capabilities are affected as well. Some Google Ads support functions are either unavailable or delayed during this time. Developer token approvals and changes are among the services experiencing delays. Developers can email Google support with API questions or use the ads API forum.


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