Glowforge Pre-Release 3D Laser Printers Start Shipping Next Month (video)

Glowforge Pre-Release 3D Printers

3D laser printer manufacturer Glowforge that progressing this year perceived a successful $22 million Series B investment, is now repair to start shipping a pre-release 3D printers during Dec 2016.

The association also announced that Flex will be prolongation a vast format 3D printers in Milpitas California and a dual companies have been operative closely together for a mass prolongation of a new Glowforge 3D printer.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a Glowforge 3D printer and a facilities that will shortly be shipping out to a 10,000 business that have already pre-ordered a desktop prolongation system. Mike Dennison, boss of a Consumer Technologies Group during Flex explains :

“We are gay to have been comparison by a Glowforge group and are anxious to yield innovative supply sequence and prolongation solutions for their iconic 3D laser printer.

Glowforge uses a lamp of light a breadth of a tellurian hair to cut, engrave, and figure designs from a accumulation of materials including wood, plastic, leather and more. For some-more information on a new Glowforge 3D printer burst over to a central website for sum by following a couple below.

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