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Get More Value Out of Your First-Party Data


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First-party data is your most important advantage in today’s highly regulated marketing environment. And customer conversations have become your ultimate first-party data source. In fact, for marketers who work in industries that rely on phone calls to close sales, they’ve become a holy grail.

But extracting value from first party data hasn’t been easy — until now. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now delivering smarter customer insights, resulting in more effective search, social and display ad campaigns.

Join our data analytics experts as they show you how to use AI to analyze customer conversations, and scale those insights to boost conversion rates, optimize buying experiences and drive more revenue-generating calls. You’ll learn how to comb through the conversations you’re already having with your customers and discover more of what they are trying to tell you.

Register today for “Get More Value Out of Your First-Party Data: Using AI to Connect the Online-to-Offline Buying Experience,” sponsored by Invoca.

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