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Fabricating Innovation: 2018 Equipment Roundup

Baca Systems

Waterjet Innovation

Figure 1, 2018 projections

FlexJet, a 5-axis waterjet system from Baca Systems A leader in waterjet innovation for 30 years, Baca Systems uses the FlexJet, a 5-axis waterjet system for processing ultra-compact materials. FlexJet uses conventional 60k high pressure or optional 90k ultra-high pressure for faster travel speeds. The system can cut inside miters/arcs approximately 60 degrees and offers the fastest speeds in the industry for processing ultra-compact materials. Baca Systems likewise uses the Robo SawJet system– the most reliable and compact cutting solution in the market. Robo SawJet produces the greatest yield and greatest production capability by integrating the speed of saw cutting with the flexibility of abrasive waterjet.

Beckart Environmental

Water Recycling System

Figure 1, 2018 projections
the Hy-Pack ® system from Beckart Environmental Created for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack ® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below one micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication procedure. These totally automated systems consist of company-engineered PLC control board, and producers deal directly with the producer throughout the preparation, installation and assistance phases of all important devices. They are offered in 10 GPM to 200 GPM sizes, and all systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional assistance specialists for many years of reliable service.

Braxton Bragg

Saw/Cutting Machinery

The Fab King Fabrication Center
The Fab King Fabrication Center The Fab King Fabrication Center cuts sink holes, profiles edges, drills holes, polishes backsplashes and antiques, polishes or hones surfaces.

Like a Swiss Army knife for your shop– The Fab King combines the functions of a router, a drill press, an in-line backsplash polishing maker, top polisher and a radial arm sink cut-out device in one.

Real life created– no one knows a maker like a repairman. The designer of this maker has more than Twenty Years’ experience in the stone market. Much of that time was spent trouble shooting and fixing stone devices. 220-volt, single-phase power and off-the-shelf components ensure maximum uptime.

The Fab King Fabrication Center has a fast set-up and doesn’t have a long training program.


CNC Stoneworking Machinery

The Aquatec from CMS

The Aquatec from CMS The Aquatec is the most exciting brand-new addition to CMS’s line of CNC machinery for the stone fabrication industry. This device is geared up with the most sophisticated 5-axis waterjet head in the service. Using IKC kerf compensation technology, every cut comes out at the exact angle that it has actually been programmed to be. This device can produce ideal miters that are prepared to glue and true perpendicular cuts to make downstream edge completing a breeze. Paired with CMS’s new servo powered Green Jet intensifier pump this maker takes stone machining to a completely brand-new level.


Saw/Cutting Machinery

Easy 11 from Co.Fi.Plast and Wires Engineering Group
Easy 11 from Co.Fi.Plast and Wires Engineering Group Co.Fi.Plast and Wires Engineering Group created and developed the Easy 11, a new generation of multi-wire cutting machines for processing versatile mixes of thin and thick slabs. The Easy 11 multi-wire maker loads a maximum of 11 diamond wires and is geared up with a trademarked system for the positioning of detachable spacers for the setting of the cut thickness from 3/4 inch as much as 6 inches without taking apart any wheels.

Co.Fi.Plast diamond wires for piece thickness applications are typically 7.3 mm in size, but the device can also be fitted with 5.3 mm and 6.3 mm.

The production versatility provides different variations (36, 37 or 40 beads/meter) and diamond bead types. Thanks to its U.S. branch in South Dakota, Co.Fi.Plast is highly active on site, offering technical support and directing the consumer in the selection of the finest cutting criteria and diamond wire typology.


Edging Machinery

Omega Pencil from Comandulli

Omega Pencil from Comandulli Combining accuracy craftsmanship and a compact style, together with the toughness and performance that have actually made Comandulli popular, the Omega Pencil includes two individual calibrators at the top and front of the device that square off the edge before profiling, plus 11 oscillating heads that offer a quick and smooth polish. The result delivers unparalleled speed and performance, even for today’s most demanding and searched for designs. This consists of as much as 3 feet per minute for pencil edge profiles. Naturally, the Omega Pencil likewise provides more conventional profiles such as straight, edge, round, bull nose, shark nose, half bull nose and quarter bull nose– all at the very same extraordinary quality and speed. What makes this machine a lot more excellent though is its friendly and easy-to-use touch screen. Groups are set instantly and programs and specifications are conserved in a folder for simple recall when required. To learn more on the Omega Pencil, contact Comandulli North America.


Enhance to CNC Machinery

Zares®II 3D Optical Tool Measuring System
Zares ® II 3D Optical Tool Measuring System Zares ® II 3D Optical Tool Measuring System CNC tool calibrations of new or existing tooling is an extremely tiresome and costly task. This process is time consuming, yields irregular outcomes and halts production. The costs can surpass countless dollars in early tool wear and lost production each month. Zares ® II offers the service and final piece to complete your automated CNC production process. With functions such as:

  • Ability to measure all manufacture tooling– ADI, Tyrolit, Nicolai, Diamut, & & others Software which integrates straight to CNC makers– CMS Brembana, Breton, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries Step any profile in seconds 100
  • %offline– calibrate a 7-position tool set in 10 minutes AutoAlign feature automatically aligns brand-new and secondhand tools Capability to preview what your stone edge will appear like before tooling has
  • ran Reports– concentricity, tool intake, 360 ° 3D tolerance scan and much more Ebbco Water Recycling System Automatic Typhoon Filter Cleaning Station from Ebbco Inc. Ebbco Inc. of New Baltimore, MI, reveals the release of the recently revamped Automatic Cyclone Filter Cleaning Station. The Automatic FilterCleansing Station provides hands-free cleaning in minutes on Ebbco Brand name Cyclone Filter Cartridges that offer crystal clear water to CNC and edge polishers. Filters are positioned on automatic turning rods and water is dispersed from the existing filtration system to a series of nozzles developed to clean each individual pleats. Stone sludge removed from the filter is then deposited into an easy-to-remove trademarked Settling Weir bag. Excess water returns to the pit for further purification. A spray down nozzle is also consisted of to clean up any excess sludge left in the collection tray. Ebbco Inc. likewise offers a series of stone filtering systems custom-made designed to fit the needs of each individual store. Gmm CNC Stoneworking Equipment The Gmm GL5 Multispindle CNC cutting center The Gmm GL5 Multispindle CNC cutting center is equipped with 5 independent

    cutting heads for

    cutting dimensions from 140 mm

    The Gmm GL5 Multispindle CNC cutting center
    to 2000 mm and blades from 400 mm to 520 mm in size. THK linear guides

    and skates, Girard transmissions and Natbesco planetary box are the top names associated with the GL5 CN 2(patent pending)maker building. Extreme accuracy cutting outcomes due to the turning leading cutting system and the repaired cutting conveyor belt. The Gmm devoted software application established by the Gmm Automation R&D group with automatic nesting of the cutting piece with problem track and the external offline camera which can be run throughout the cutting procedure, protects a big production result approximately 420

    square meters in eight hours. A cutting production report is instantly provided. Hypertherm Waterjet Innovation Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets using Advanced Intensifier Innovation(AIT)Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets are engineered utilizing Advanced Intensifier Innovation(

    Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets using Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)
    AIT). By reassessing the way the intensifier pump works, we had the ability to make it work harder, last longer and require less service time. AIT is what makes Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets more cost effective. Much easier Longer lasting Structured Enhanced moving Simpler high-pressure Extended seal life Hypertherm also built the most robust info tools in the cutting market. From responsive waterjet specialists working the customer care

  • lines,
  • to mobile applications
  • and 24/7 online technical service guides, Hypertherm supplies what you have to know. And
  • we use it to our clients

totally free of charge. Details is just excellent when you have it. Be notified, be connected and stay ahead of profit-losing troubles and delays with insights from Hypertherm. Intermac Waterjet Innovation< img alt= "The Primus 322 from Intermac "src="" >

The Primus 322 from Intermac The Primus 322 is a complete waterjet cutting system readily available in 3-axis or 5-axis, together with a single or dual head. This feature-rich machine

comes equipped with a stainless steel tank that is distinct to the

The Primus 322 from Intermac
market and protects against rust. With standard proportional

control, the possibility of mechanical shock is removed and garnet flow is thoroughly controlled to avoid waste. This is extremely important as garnet represents 40% of the overall expense in running machines with the high-abrasion procedure. Omag CNC Stoneworking Equipment The Blade5ar CNC work center from Omag S.p.A Omag S.p.An introduces its newest in its variety of CNC work centers and the current

in countertop, architectural and dimensional stone-processing equipment,

The Blade5ar CNC work center from Omag S.p.A
the Blade5ar. The Blade5ar is especially helpful for deep cutting, milling, shaping and polishing of countertops, big dimensional pieces and architectural stone. This machine, together with Omag’s wide variety of shaping and routing machines, can be included with: Single or dual-table setups Lathe attachment alternative Tables in movement Automatic blade change Automatic tool change( tool changers of various sizes)Optimization of cutting Combination of cutting and drilling on the corner Automatic vacuum manipulator system Capability

  • to deal with product in small to large size ranges Park Industries CNC Stoneworking Machinery
  • The Titan ® CNC router by
  • Park Industries The Titan ® CNC router by Park Industries routes, shapes and polishes stone while delivering lower expenses and
  • maximum uptime. What really sets the Titan ® apart is its result

on your bottom-line. It has the potential to increase your capability by as much as

The Titan® CNC router by Park Industries
102 %. With faster device movements, more work

gets done. Park’s Integrated Tool Management ™ system extends tool life by up to 50 %by monitoring, measuring and making up for tool wear. This trustworthy system considerably reduces the need to reshape your tools, conserving you thousands of dollars in tooling costs. Find out more about the Titan ® on our website. Poseidon Industries CNC Stoneworking Machinery< img alt= "The Poseidon Industries T-Rex 5 mix 5-Axis CNC bridge saw and 4-Axis CNC router"src ="" > The Poseidon Industries T-Rex 5 mix 5-Axis CNC bridge saw and 4-Axis CNC router Poseidon Industries has quickly end up being a leader in

establishing user-friendly versatile devices concentrated on making the fabrication process more efficient. The Poseidon Industries T-Rex 5 combination 5-Axis CNC bridge saw and 4-Axis CNC router is the most helpful device on the market. The T-Rex 5 can easily double your production
ability with the ability to cut a complete slab in under 20 minutes. When you combine intelligent

style and a sturdy structure, the T-Rex 5 does whatever you have to totally finish a job on one maker, consisting of cut complete slabs, sink cut-outs, faucet holes, edge profiling and polishing. Really decrease your labor with a device that does it all. A few of the functions include: Dual-Tool CNC cones constructed for high-speed tooling 14-to 20-inch blade for cutting slabs Dual-table and adjustable workspace 30HP electro-spindle Regent Stone Saw/Cutting Equipment The Husky bridge saw by Rye Corp The Husky bridge saw by Rye Corp is utilized to cut pieces of granite, marble and all kind of stone slabs. The bridge saw stops at several points, includes a 20-horse power motor and is trusted throughout the stone fabrication market. This saw combines simplicity and functionality to produce a bridge

  • saw that withstands even the hardest

    tasks. Dimensioning granite

    for countertops and architectural cutting of stone. The Husky’s controls are simple to use and you can run the saw utilizing the control board and the wireless remote at the exact same time. Basic features consist of: heavy responsibility 6-x 10-foot tilting table that

  • stops at 0, 450, 900 and 1350 with variable locking positions; precision machined gantry and bridge; 20 HP, 220v, three-phase direct-drive VEM motor and 18-inch size blade capacity. Miter cut capability. Water solenoid automatically turns the water on and off

    with the spindle motor; high-intensity laser and hassle-free control panel with amperage gauge and digital readout. Salem Stone CNC Stoneworking Equipment The Tecnika by Salem Stone

    , partnering with Denver Salem Stone, partnering with Denver, delivers the first and most innovative multifunctional 5-axis CNC bridge saw– the Tecnika. This maker is a contemporary monobloc bridge saw with rotating and tilting head and hot zinc coated frame for remarkably long-lasting sturdiness and anticorrosion. Geared up with an ISO-40 spindle that can hold both the blade and router bit or core drill and a manual fast release for easy tool changes, the Tecnika excels in a range of applications,

    consisting of multidirectional

    cuts, mitering, sink cut-outs

    The Tecnika by Salem Stone, partnering with Denver
    , inscription, texturing, leathering and more. Water Treatment Solutions Water Recycling System Water Recycling System by Water Treatment Solutions Water Treatment Solutions (WTS)originated the 100%closed loop, chemical-free, water recycling system for the stone market. We are the innovators in producing both crystal clear recycled water at less than 2 micron and gray/white water at less than 25 micron. With over 800 systems installed across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and the Islands, WTS knows that water is the backbone of your store.

    In 2017, our clients will collectively recycle over six billion gallons of water.

    Water Recycling System by Water Treatment Solutions
    We are likewise dedicated to the wellness of your group– that is why we use no chemicals

    in our process and our system has the capability to catch the stone dust residue to such a degree that the air born silica dust is fulfilling and surpassing OSHA standards in WTS stores checked throughout the U.S. Wilson Industrial Saw/Cutting Machinery The Wilson 11′ 6 Gantry Saw The Wilson 11’6 Gantry Saw is developed to last. Its heavy duty construction has actually proven to stand the test of time. New Mitsubishi touchscreens and automated controls make this saw a workhorse. Its various choices consist of a variable speed drive for the arbor speed, operator weatherproof platform for outside installation, turntables and far more. To find out more see our site.


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