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Expense efficient ET3 Vacuum tube trains will be better than Hyperloop, cars, trains and aircrafts

Closing the infrastructure space prior to the year 2050 by reinforcing existing infrastructure with ET3 is totally feasible and it can be accomplished in 3 coordinated phases:

1) bringing ET3 to maturity, including major business implementation (2-5 years);
2) expanding ET3 networks around the globe at national levels (30 years);
3) connecting nationwide ET3 networks into the global network (15 years) and producing one city called Earth.

ET3 is better than Hyperloop and better than cars, trains and aircrafts

Financial investment in ET3 will

* decrease transport emissions over 10 times
* ET3 could conserve 60% of the prepared EU transport financial investment while supplying more traffic volume at 5 times faster speeds
* ET3 removes over 10 times more CO2
* ET3 lowers the energy costs over 50 times

ET3 capsules are cars and trucks sized, traveling inside the ET3 network like a cars and truck on a highway (e.g. no intermittent stops/ stopover vs train, bus, airplane, Hyperloop). Superconductive maglev provides absolutely no friction. Standard maglev (e.g. skyTran, hyperloop) brings strong magnetic eddy currents that cause friction. Since ET3 pills are so light (400 lbs; 1200 pounds filled), really friction-less and inside a left tube with a small amount of air, hardly any electrical energy is needed to accelerate them at speed of 1,000/ 10,000 km p/h (local; worldwide). Majority of the kinetic energy of the ET3 pills can be recuperated during de-acceleration. ET3 can offer 50 times more transport per kWh than electric vehicles or trains.

ET3 might supercharge Amazon Snowball and Snowmobile for physically packing Petabytes data to the cloud

In 2016, Amazon Web Solutions took containerization technology to brand-new levels when they revealed 45-foot trailers geared up with scads of disk and quick fiber optic connections to help customers submit 100 petabytes of data into the cloud. The big rig is dubbed Snowmobile. It was revealed at AWS re: Create conference in Las Vegas. In 2015, AWS Snowball was launched it is a rugged suitcase-sized gadgets created to enable customers to upload 50 terabytes of data to the AWS at a time. The success of the SnowBall amazed Amazon AWS CEO Jassy, who said he had to increase orders of the gadgets by 10x to satisfy need following the initial roll-out.

5800 km each year of ET3 network could be developed utilizing 40% of telecom infrastructure investment to dramatically increase quality, speed and volume of telecom, internet and digital services while keeping the outdated technologies functional, getting used to the modification and lastly to get rid of the telecom infrastructure space ($250 billion per year) entirely.

Proposed circumstance
Proposed scenario (NL1) enables in the year 2050 to reverse the pattern for cumulative facilities investment (from existing costly: shortfall of US$ 87 trillion dollars) to future profitable: +US39 trillion dollars (calculated as: -US$ 87T +US$ 126T), return (US $107T) more than invested (US75$T), produce an earnings of US8$T, over 0.1 billion jobs and at the very same time it uses the escape path for obsolete technologies with the transition period of Thirty Years. Far we did not include the effect on human beings and economies of transport becoming much faster, more secure, more comfy, sustainable and budget-friendly, of changes in value of land, etc. With these consisted of, ET3 integrates huge financial investment savings with the rapid returns and: greatly enhanced quality of life (healthcare, property, tourist flowering); versatile markets, cheaper products, better economics, efficiency and ecology with more capability, security, reliability for transportation of travelers, items, energy, etc. completely resulting in the GDP boost of over 10%.

When compared with ET3 in competitiveness, financial viability, volume and return of investment, speed, capability, energy performance, sustainability, etc., the options: traditional modes (roadway, rail) lose and Hyperloop fails, comparable (somewhat better) result is expected for T Flight. Additionally, these 3 versions of evacuated tube transport are not compatible with each other.

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