Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

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The vacation season is here! Tis the season for OFFERING!

If you understand me personally or follow me on < a href=" "rel =" noopener "target=" _ blank" > Instagram, you understand that I am exceptionally passionate about doing every little

thing I can for the environment. My husband and I are those individuals that will delve into the ocean fully outfitted to get plastic debris prior to they out to sea. We do not utilize plastic silverware and have actually done our best to replace single-use plastics in the hose, we even bought a bidet to cut back on bathroom tissue use (and < a href =" "rel=" noopener "target=" _ blank" >

the TP we do use is made from bamboo). I understand that not everyone desires to take it to the very same level we’re on but every day the variety of individuals who want to “do more” by adding to less plastic is increasing.

Whether you’re attempting to do what you can for the environment or you’re purchasing someone who’s enthusiastic about the planet, this gift guide is for you. I have actually personally tried and fallen for all of the products I’m noting on here and I know that you’ll love them too!

The Eco-Friendly Gift Guide
< img

alt=” The Eco-Friendly Present Guide” height=” 200″ src =” “width=” 1000″ > STASHER BAGS Stasher Bags are PERFECT for lunch, treat, and even saving leftovers. We specifically utilize the small bag in our house for nuts and fruit and to take to work. You can discover a lots of every day utilizes for these bags, they are easy to open at any age making them a simple swap for the kiddos lunch.

These bags are made from 100% pure platinum grade silicone which is actually a basic even higher than food grade silicone, which is an overall win in my book. They are simple to clean, you can rinse them out or toss them right into the top drawer of your dishwashing machine. Store >


Various from the Stasher Bags above, these Multiple-use Silicone Food Bags don’t work well for all ages. They are sealed using a plastic slider seal. I know I know, you were believing there would not be plastic on this page. Sure, plastic is terrible for the environment, but single-use plastics are the real danger here (ziplock bags, plastic flatware, straws, etc), which’s what this post is all about, changing single-use plastics.

These bags are harder to open since of the plastic sealer and would not be the best for a more youthful kids school lunch box, but they work terrific for freezer storage and soups and leftovers. Shop >


I consume EVERYTHING out of this setup. There is just something so satisfying to me about consuming out of glass and using a straw. If you follow me on Instagram you have actually seen me consume all type of juices, smoothies, and detox waters out of this thing. Here’s the setup that I enjoy:

< a href="" > Mason Container 320z if I am at house or strolling somewhere or 16 oz if I’m driving so that it fits in the cup holder)

Sipwell Aluminum Straw Great for juice, detox waters or incredibly thin healthy smoothies

Decorative Mason Container Lids with a Straw Hole These work for aluminum straws but not larger thick healthy smoothie or boba straws

Shop >


We have actually been utilizing these tooth brushes for 3 years now. We like soft bristles and we love big toothbrush heads. There is a small part of plastic for the removable head, however the primary manage of the tooth brush is made from repurposed and recycled materials. When you look carefully at the manage you’ll see wood, paper, and perhaps even recycled cash loan, how cool is that? You can recycle the manages for many years, we have not replaced ours yet.

The handles are shaped completely to suit your hand making it easier to use. Adjustable for both right and left hand grips, like it!

If you have an interest in trying a toothbrush without plastic, I’ve heard excellent things about bamboo toothbrushes I have actually not attempted them yet.

Store >


Like numerous, I have actually spent years working in offices that supply plastic utensils for everyone. I have actually been fortunate enough to work for two green business that didn’t provide them at all. Obviously, a ladies got ta eat so I checked out choices to keep at my desk. I tried bamboo sporks and I understood they were more difficult to clean and took a very long time to dry. I understood there needed to be a much better alternative. When I discovered these steel ones I knew they ‘d be the best long-lasting solution.

These Steel Travel Utensils won’t rust so you can use them FOREVER. They feature a little travel pout too to keep them tidy too. Incredible present for someone who takes a trip often, goes outdoor camping, or just wishes to be more environment-friendly.

Store >


Mentioning lunches at work, these mini mason jars are the ideal little to-go container.

These can assist us all ditch the little plastic ones we’ve utilized in the past. As you can tell by the rusty tops, I have actually been caring these for several years.

Perfect for:

Granola, salad dressing, catsup, candy, mints, everyday medications, elixer or juice shots, or simply excellent ol’ shots of alcohol.

Shop >


I like consuming tea! Particularly in the winter season. I have this thing that I do though, and I understand I’m not the only one … Soaks my tea in charming mug, attempts to drink it and it’s too hot, gets hectic and attempts to drink it once again and it’s currently too cold. THE BATTLE YOU GUYS!

I’ve found two truly adorable alternatives to help me repair this problem.

1. < a href ="" rel=" noopener" target =" _ blank" > Bamboo Tea Infuser Tumbler. It’s totally insulated and you can truly use it for any hot or cold beverage, and it’s damn excellent looking too!

2. < a href="" rel=" noopener" target= "_ blank" > Insulated Glass Water Infuser. Often you wish to have the ability to display instilled detox water, sometimes you desire hot tea, often you want cold tea and this is why this alternative is best for the indecisive. It’s extremely versatile. You can utilize it without among the vibrant insulating sleeves or you can add a pop of color to assist keep your drink cool or hot while safeguarding the glass in case it drops.


The hubby and I are serious about hydration. We try to drink over 1/2 gallon every day, we ain’t playing around! These growlers are what we take into work with us, yeah you read that right, we carry these things with us everywhere. They make for a great conversation starter and a great deal of moonshine jokes too.

KEEP IN MIND: The product connected here is not the one we bought, that one isn’t readily available right now, you can still view it here if you ‘d like.

Store >

> That’s the complete list of all the items I have actually fallen for that I use in my every day life. I attempted them all for you so you do not have to worry about quality problems. My preferred part about gifting environmentally friendly and mindful products is that these products are useful. These types of items will be used weekly if not day-to-day. The person you’re gifting will remember the sweet sentiment each time they use them.

Have you made the switch to environment-friendly items?

As I browse my home I know there are lots of other items I have actually switched to that I left off this list.

Should I follow up with an environmentally friendly swaps post?

Let me understand in the remarks below!

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