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Do It Yourself Biodegradable confetti for eco-friendly celebrations

You don’t have to go without to make your event eco-friendly!

Start your year (or celebration) off by being mindful of the environment. A simple way to do that is to make your very own naturally degradable confetti. Whether it’s to spray atop a blushing groom and bride’s head on their big day, or in my case commemorate the New Year in style, you’re making a conscious choice to go green and that’s incredible. Thank you!

Benefits of biodegradable confetti

The most important advantage of making naturally degradable confetti is that it’s great for the environment. You won’t be spreading pieces of plastic around and that plastic will not end up in our waterways. That’s great news for marine sea creatures.

There’s likewise a benefit to you too!

If your celebration is outside, there’s no have to tidy up. The little pieces of hole-punched leaves will simply biodegrade. One day you’ll see them scattered all around the lawn and then a couple of days later on, they’re gone.

Less mess is a terrific bonus offer!

DIY Biodegradable Confetti

Making your own naturally degradable confetti isn’t hard. In fact, it’s basic and FREE (as long as you currently own a hole punch).

Exactly what you’ll require:

  • Lots of colourful leaves

The best ways to make environmentally friendly confetti

I don’t believe I even require actions to show you how it’s made. It’s actually simply getting a couple of beautiful leaves from outdoors, and hole punching them.

If you have kids, this is a perfect way to obtain them associated with the preparations. Inquire to hole punch heaps of leaves and put the punched shapes in a container.

They will love doing this activity!

I ‘d suggest showing them like this. Pretty!

Did you know that you can make naturally degradable glitter too?

View the video tutorial

Enjoy your celebration and thank you once again for making it a green one!

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