CyberPunk 2077 Release Date Leaked?

, CyberPunk 2077 Release Date Leaked?, Innovation ΛI

With The Witcher 3 having widely been acknowledged as one of the best games of last year, all eyes are now on CyberPunk 2077, the next title from CD Projekt RED. Unfortunately for everyone, CD Projekt RED aren’t being too forthcoming or open about the upcoming game, and we don’t even know when the game will release.

But as to that last part, we may have learned something recently- a Swedish store named Klomplett is listing a September 30, 2017 release date for the game, with a February 2 2017 beta (via LeaderGamer)- these may sound a bit unlikely, especially since CD Projekt RED have maintained that the game is a ways off, but the two dates are so specific that I wouldn’t just dismiss the rumor out of hand.

If this release date holds true, then next year looks to be a banner year for RPGs- we’ll be getting Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, and this- it’s honestly RPG paradise. Let’s hope the release date does hold true, then.

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