Cronovo Smartwatch With Optical Heart Rate Monitor Hits Kickstarter (video)


The group of developers during Cronovo best in a UK have combined a new smartwatch that provides over 15 functions and includes a heart rate guard and singular aptness tracking and scoring complement called VoFit.

Check out a proof video next to learn some-more about a new Cronovo smartwatch that has this week launched on Kickstarter and has already lifted scarcely twice as compulsory oath idea interjection to over 200 backers with still 50 days remaining on a campaign.

The developer group behind a new Cronovo smartwatch explain small some-more about a aptness and how tracking functionality

Cronovo’s Heart rate Technology captures electrical signals from your wrist that is combined by your heart. Unlike other smartwatches that uses visual complement to detect Heart rate, Cronovo is a multiple of both Optical + Electrical. This gives us unmatched correctness compared to many other complement on a smartwatch. Cronovo can grasp 99.9 % correctness on Heart Rate when compared to FDA authorized medical devices. Here is a Comparison.

We know that not everybody can review a Complex Heart Rate Graph. This is accurately because we have designed a easier approach for we to know your body’s data. VoFit is simply a scoring complement formed on 10. VoFit calculates your body’s information for you. The scoring complement can be used to grasp aptness goals or even only to say a healthy lifestyle. VoFit also suggests on how to urge measure and provides minute research on what is inspiring your score.

Traditional Fitness trackers and intelligent watches depends your calories formed on ubiquitous equations and physique movement. However, Cronovo can lane minute health information and yield even minute research for your physique in a elementary way.

Jump over to a Kickstarter website to make a oath from only £84 for super earlybird backers with smoothness approaching to take place during Nov 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

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