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Corsair Launches $3,000 192GB RAM Kit Clocked at 4GHz


Intel’s Xeon W-3175X is an unbelievable CPU– not the very least due to the fact that the cost for the chip ($3,000) in fact isn’t that negative compared to Intel’s historic costs for top-end Xeon components. Corsair shows up to have a suggestion what you can do with all that, cough, expense financial savings. Why not put it right into some memory?

Listings for brand-new DDR4 packages clocked at 4GHz have appeared on the firm’s website. These brand-new packages are particularly planned for the W-3175X as well as they load a substantial quantity of RAM right into 12 sticks (both of the motherboards that sustain the W-3175X have 12 DIMM ports). The 96GB set is$1,499(12x8GB)while the 192GB package is$4,000(12x16GB). Reduced rates are additionally readily available for reduced clocks– the 192GB RAM ability is readily available for simply$1,585 if you’re prepared to approve DDR4-2666. It needs to be kept in mind that according to Corsair’s very own main catalog,

you can purchase 6x sets of 16GB DDR4-3600 C18 RAM and also pay$1,350. 6 32GB DDR4-4000 C19 memory packages would certainly cost you$2,754 when bought for the cost of$459.99 each. Understand Clock Limits Allow me claim up front that I have not examined Intel’s

most recent Core i9 28-core monster and also am as a result theorizing

from the CPUs I have actually evaluated

. On the various other hand, there’s not a lots of info regarding overclocking the Xeon W 3175X or various other high-core-count Intel CPUs ‘in the wild,’either, primarily due to the fact that the variety of lovers that can manage to acquire$1,800 to$4,000 CPUs is relatively tiny. I’ve examined 2 Core i9-7980XE’s. The very first could not hold a DDR4-3200 clock with 4 DIMMs (32GB)out of 8 ports in overall,

while the 2nd could not hold DDR4-3200 clocks with all 8 ports filled(64GB of RAM ). I’ve had no difficulty with the very same RAM loadouts in various other boards with various other Intel CPUs as well as no concern with any one of the Threadripper systems I’ve examined in the exact same setup. The issue seemed special to the greater core matter CPUs (and also constantly needed that I run these chips outside Intel’s RAM specs). It’s feasible that the later Core X CPUs have actually repaired this problem however I had not been able to discover any type of details on the subject. There’s typically an inverted connection in between the variety of DIMM ports you lots as well as the optimum RAM clocks your system can keep. It additionally matters whether the RAMSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce is single-sided or double-sided, with single-sided RAM arrangements generally liked for optimum security.

It isn’t clear if the 96GB as well as 192GB sets undergo added recognition particularly meant to remove them for procedure on Xeon W-3175X systems and also motherboards. It additionally isn’t clear if the Xeon W-3175X endures high RAM clocks well as a basic regulation. Both of these are factors to be mindful when taking into consideration acquiring high-speed RAM. Corsair will certainly have verified the memory with the motherboard suppliers whatever, yet if the CPU is the restricting variable, there might not be much to be done on the motherboard side of points.

It’s likewise worth taking into consideration whether your work are specifically memory transmission capacity restricted to begin with. The 192GB set for DDR4-2666 is $1,585. The very same set at DDR4-4000 is $3,000. If you do not require the added data transfer, we would not suggest spending for it. Hat-tip to Overclocker3D for the information. Currently Read: DRAM Manufacturers Slash Capacity Expansion to Limit Price Drops



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