Conditional IF functions now available in all Microsoft Advertising accounts


Support for IF functions is now available globally in all Microsoft Advertising accounts.

What are IF functions? IF functions allow you to automate customized messaging in expanded text ads based on a user’s device or audience segment.

For example, if a user searching Bing has previously visited your site and is on a retargeting list, you can use an IF function to show an offer or other messaging targeted to them and a default message to visitors who aren’t on that audience list.

How to structure IF functions. IF functions can be used in expanded text ad headlines and descriptions, but not URLs.

The formatting for audiences looks like this: {=IF (audience IN,audience list), text to insert): default text if condition not met}.

For targeting by mobile device, for example, the formatting looks like this: {=IF(device = mobile, text to insert): default text if condition not met.}

Note, you cannot use both device and audience in one IF function.

How to create IF functions. If you’re already using IF functions in Google Ads, you can import them into Microsoft Advertising with the Google Import tool. However, this may not work with audience targeting if the list doesn’t exist in your Microsoft account.

You can also use the Feed Management Tool in the Microsoft Advertising UI or with the bulk API.

Why we care. Similar to ad customizers, IF functions can save you a lot of time from having to write and manage multiple ads tailored to specific audiences. Additionally, the availability of IF functions in Microsoft Advertising is another step toward parity with Google Ads, which has had the IF functions available for several years. This will make campaign imports for advertisers using IF functions in their Google campaigns much smoother.


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