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2 local Navy squadrons helping with saves in Texas flooding

HOUSTON, Texas (WAVY)– A local Navy search and rescue team is assisting rescue people from rising floodwaters in Texas.Two MH-60 squadrons from Norfolk are on the ground in Texas– that includes 112 personnel and six helicopters. They have enough fuel for three-hour missions.” We have a spotlight and floodlights to …

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Los Angeles College Pays $28,000 to the Hackers as Ransom

A report published in a Los Angeles Valley College school newspaper, explains that a college whose whole system was hacked by the group of hackers paid $28,000 ransom to the hackers in order to get their system back. The report says that the cyber attack happened on the January 3rd of this year, which …

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Disabled Man Beaten Up Badly By Group Live on Facebook

Four people have been arrested and are being questioned regarding a Facebook video which shows a disabled man being beaten up badly after tying him to a chair or something else. All the four suspects, among them one was streaming the video live on Facebook, are taken into custody and police is investigating …

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