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New Android Malware Secretly Records Audio

Your phone rides around in your pocket or bag all day, making it a great eavesdropping device. After all, it has a constant internet connection, a microphone, and plenty of your personal data. Online criminals have sometimes created spyware apps that aim to make phones into listening devices, and a …

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Google’s 5 Biggest Android Missteps

Google has taken Android from a small startup to the largest mobile computing platform in the world. You can’t do that solely on luck, but that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t made some mistakes. Some have pointed to one issue or another as evidence of Android’s inadequacy. Still, things have worked …

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LG Teases V30 Unveiling at IFA on August 31st

LG has a similar release cycle to Samsung with a flagship phone in the spring (the G series) and a larger companion to that phone showing up in the fall (the V-series). However, neither of LG’s high-end product lines have been as successful as Samsung’s lately. With the IFA trade …

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