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9 Ways to Fight Holiday Bloat (And Never Feel Deprived)

Photo by Ali Inay Already suffering from nightmares that your favorite jeans won’t fit come January? Or that you’ll be sporting double chins in your New Year’s photos? Relax. Even if you’ve already indulged a little too much this year, you can still make it to 2016 without feeling totally bloated.  “It’s not …

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5 At-Home DNA Tests That Clue You in on Your Health

Photo courtesy of “Embody DNA” by Lose It! The turning point came in September of this year, after traveling back from a Croatian vacation in yoga pants to hide my bloated tummy. Despite a summer of eating mostly plants and cutting back on wine — not to mention carrying around …

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7 Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Metabolism

Photo: Twenty20 You might complain about the endless rush of daily life and meditate for a few minutes during the day, but there’s one thing you typically don’t want to slow down — your metabolism. Think of it like an engine: Your metabolism is those series of chemical reactions that …

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2-Minute Yoga Flow to Stretch and De-Stress

Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn When you’re feeling stressed, your body tenses up as a reflex reaction. Imagine a tug of war between muscle and mind. As your body succumbs to the stress, it creates tightness in your neck and shoulders. And if you’re guilty of sitting all day? …

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6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Yoga Class

Photo: Twenty20 Turns out, there’s more to yoga than flattering pants and downward-facing dog. Beyond learning the poses, there are a host of other factors that can make or break your practice, from the proper gear to your mindset while you flow. To help you enjoy your yoga class even …

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8 Fall Cookbooks to Get You Back in the Kitchen

Fall signals a time to re-assess our routines and put more focus into the goals we set earlier in the year. Was meal prepping healthy meals on your list? Did you decide to go Paleo or dairy-free? How about diversifying your recipe repertoire to include different cuisines? To get your …

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How to Calculate Your BMR (And Why It Matters)

Photo: Pond5 Think you need to run a marathon just to burn off breakfast, lunch and dinner? Think again. The human body requires a significant amount of energy (i.e. calories) just to function regularly. Each day, your body must breathe, blink, circulate blood, control body temperature, grow new cells, support brain …

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3 Easy Yoga Poses to Help Wake You Up

Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn Some mornings, getting out of bed can feel like a serious chore. But instead of hitting snooze on repeat — which often leads to a stressful start — step into a more peaceful headspace with this simple yoga flow. “Yoga is a great way …

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5 Downward Dog Variations to Strengthen and Stretch


Photo: Twenty20 Downward facing dog (adho mukha svana in Sanskrit) is one of the most recognizable yoga poses, but it’s far from basic. Melissa Hernandez, a CorePower Yoga instructor in New York City, says, “Downward dog is full-body work. It not only strengthens your arms, shoulders and low-back, but your …

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