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Call tracking demystified for search marketers

Call tracking and analytics are rapidly evolving to provide in-depth call data that can help optimize search marketing performance. In today’s competitive marketing environment, it’s critical to know how to use tools like dynamic number insertion and call attribution to understand which search, social and display ads are working.

Join Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling and Invoca’s Stacey Watkins from as they show you how to surface rich call data and close the online/offline marketing gap. You’ll learn how to:

  • Track and attribute calls to paid search, social, display, emails and landing pages
  • Unify data across multiple sources to create rich caller profiles
  • Analyze phone conversations for insights into call drivers, behavior and outcomes
  • Push call intelligence to your marketing stack for automation, analysis, optimization and more

Register today for “Call Tracking Demystified: Uncovering New Opportunities for Digital Marketers,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Invoca.

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