Cadillac Returns to Prototype Racing After 14-years


It has been 14 years given Cadillac was into purpose built racing. That is an critical distinction, since we can see Caddy’s racing in batch formed racing array around a universe today. A purpose built racing automobile is one that usually exists or racing and isn’t formed on a prolongation car.

Caddy’s new racing automobile will be powered by a 6.2L naturally aspirated, dry-sump Cadillac V8 engine. This engine shares an design with a V8 out of a CTS-V and Escalade. In IMSA racing trim that engine will make about 600 hp and roar adult to 7600 rpm.

The trans will be a X-Trac cross consecutive paddle-shift racing gearbox feeding that 600hp to a back wheels. The framework for a automobile will be a Dallara and a whole float will import about 2050 pounds. 600hp and about a weight of a Miata will make for a energetic ride. The new Caddy will reinstate a Corvette Daytona antecedent in Action Express Racing and Wayne Taylor Racing teams. The racer is passed voluptuous in renderings and it will be cold to see a automobile take to a track.

via Jalopnik

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