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Braided Rose Hairstyle Tutorial and Motivation

People, it’s April, and I’m in some way still using cable-knit sweaters, jeans, and a beanie to work. By now, I should be frolicking down the streets of New york city City in a sundress and blinding travelers with my pale skin, but alas, Mom Nature has decided to curse us with more weeks of freezing weather. Needless to say, I’m craving some serious springtime vibes, and that’s precisely why I’m so obsessed with braided

rose hairstyles. These stunning, floral-inspired looks are flowering all over the web, and appeal enthusiasts are particularly consumed with the productions of Connecticut-based hair expert Alison Valsamis. A master stylist and colorist, Alison has 14,000 Instagram fans who flock to her page to admire her jaw-dropping hair abilities. In the past month or so, she began try out braided rose hairstyles and end up getting an outrageous amount of double-taps because, well, simply take a look at this gorgeousness!

2018 at 3:14 pm PDT Now, before you sulk in self-doubt and mentally sort these rosy braids into a list of Pinterest-worthy hairstyles your fingers would never ever be capable of crafting, permit us to reassure you that they’re actually quite simple to re-create by yourself.

After getting heaps of queries from her Instagram fans, Alison shared a video tutorial for her braided roses, and it looks like something that even I– a qualified braid amateur– could master. Have a look at the how-to ahead, and keep reading to admire a handful of Alison’s beautiful creations. Something informs me that future bride-to-bes will start pinning these on their “ Wedding event Hair Motivation” Pinterest boards!


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