Beat the Winter Blues: Shivering Sorrow to Sustainable Satisfaction

, Beat the Winter Blues: Shivering Sorrow to Sustainable Satisfaction, Innovation ΛI

The holidays are, unfortunately, behind us, school and traffic are back in session, the weather is downright bone chilling, and the start of spring is nowhere in sight. Plus, you’re coming down with a cold…again.

If you’re not quite ready to throw in the towel on the next three months or stay hidden under a heated blanket, we’ve got a few ideas to make the rest of winter much more bearable. Read on for our green remedies that will turn your shivering sorrow into sustainable satisfaction.

GreatGreen Drinks: Get on those New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier by blending up this delicious and healthy green smoothie. The sweet mixture of banana, apple, cinnamon, and coconut oil will blind you to the fact that you’re also taking in a hefty serving of nutritious spinach. And the rolled oats will power you through our next winter blues beater – some eco-friendly exercise.

Eco-Friendly Exercise: When there’s snow on the ground and a serious chill in the air, getting outside to get some exercise might be the last thing you want to do. So…stay inside! Every morning and/or evening, challenge yourself to 20 squats, burpees, jumping jacks, crunches, and pushups. Mix in some faced-paced 2-minute intervals of jump rope or running in place for some heart pumping activity with no carbon footprint.  The idea is to MOVE YOUR BODY.  Exercise releases dopamine to the brain and the chemical dopamine is essential for feelings of happiness and pleasure.  So when you exercise, not only are you improving your overall health and fitness, but you’re also effectively taking your daily (yes, let’s make exercise a daily habit!) happy pill.  It’s a win-win!

Sustainable Spa Treatments: Treat yourself! Get out of your winter beauty rut and spruce yourself up with some all-natural, green beauty treatments. Check out the do-it-yourself ideas to turn an otherwise uneventful evening at home into a spa-like experience! Crush those winter blues with a beauty knockout of homemade, natural body scrubs, perfumes, and hair mask.

Environmental Eats: Beat the chill with these delicious, hearty and filling meals that are also organic! Prepare our favorite winter recipes with locally grown vegetables and ingredients and we guarantee you’ll actually savor the time you spend in your kitchen.

Stay chill-free and happy this winter! And for more ways to spend the season in green, eco-friendly style, stay connected to the Just Energy blog and be sure to like Just Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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