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As a biodiversity hotspot, Madagascar is favorably burning; few put on earth possess such a series of special wildlife. Environments from spiny forests to mangroves and coral reefs to jungles are home to an extraordinary range of strange and wonderful animals and plants. Dig a little much deeper and you’ll discover the island is also an interesting cultural melting pot where Asia fulfills Africa. And for adrenaline addicts, there are first-rate sites for experience sports. Once a somewhat challenging destination, Madagascar now has something for everyone, whether you’re after a high-end island hideaway or a rural homestay.

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Crowned sifaka Madagascar by Daniel Austin The crowned sifaka © Daniel Austin These furry creatures are what draw most visitors to Madagascar. With over 111 species and sub-species surviving on the island, you’re nearly ensured to see one during your stay, but we have actually come up with the very best places to see them to offer you an assisting hand.

… and after that there’s the remainder of the wildlife

Boophis frog Madagascar by Daniel Austin The boophis frog, among the island’s many species of reptile © Daniel Austin Often referred to as the’ Eighth Continent ‘, Madagascar is home to an amazing wealth of intriguing animals– from colour-changing chameleons, eye-popping frogs over 150,000 kinds of invertebrate to great birds, leaping rats and the cat-like fossa. Yes, many people come to see the lemurs, however there are a lot of other splendid wildlife sights to witness.

Mind-blowing plants

Pachypodium tree Madagascar Daniel Austin The razor-sharp limestone karst pinnacles of the tsingy make for an otherworldly landscape © Daniel Austin Madagascar and its surrounding islands plays host to some 13,000 types of flora, of which a mind-blowing 89% are endemic. Although some other areas of the world(such as the Tropical Andes, Indonesia and Brazil) have more plant types, they have considerably lower rates of endemism, typically listed below 50%. Madagascar is the world’s top floral hotspot for a location its size. Particular types to watch out for are the pachypodium tree and meat-eating pitcher plants.

An avenue of baobabs

Avenue des Baobabs Madagascar by purcell, Shutterstock

The Avenue des Baobabs is among the iconic views of Madagascar © purcell, Shutterstock Possibly Madagascar’s the majority of photographed area, this cluster of towering Grandidier’s baobabs (Adansonia grandidieri) is not to be missed on a journey to the island.

The diversity of landscapes

Grey tsingy Bemaraha Madagascar by Daniel Austin The razor-sharp limestone karst pinnacles of the tsingy produce an otherworldly landscape © Daniel Austin Acres of savannah grassland, swathes of thick rainforest, remarkable craggy peaks and huge sediments of transcendent tsingy— you’ll see all of these and more on the island.

The possibility to give something back

School children Madagascar by Daniel Austin The opportunity to get associated with the local neighborhood is frequently the highlight of a journey © Daniel Austin Every visitor returns home with fond memories of the welcoming individuals of Madagascar; interactions with the locals– particularly the kids– can turn out to be the emphasize of a trip. There are numerous organisations doing great in Madagascar, generally through neighborhood and preservation tasks. Any of them would invite even a modest financial donation and some can utilize certain contributed products, such as clothes, books or medical materials. You can also give your energy and time to numerous charities as a volunteer.

Wonderful beaches

Baie d'Emeraude Madagascar by Madagascar Tourism The islands of Baie d’Emeraude have a few of the very best beaches on and around Madagascar © Madagascar Tourism Swathes of golden, uncrowded sand are easy to come across in Madagascar and the surrounding islands. The very best beaches are the blue lagoons along the west coast, however some people are dissatisfied because of the shallow water (it is frequently difficult to swim at low tide). There are lovely beaches on the east coast but strong currents and sharks are a threat in numerous parts. The absolute best beaches remain in remote areas such as Anjajavy, the islands around Nosy Be, Ile Sainte Marie and south of Toliara.

Unique customizeds

Famadihana ceremony Madagascar by Hilary Bradt< img alt="Famadihana event Madagascar by Hilary Bradt "src=""title ="The famadihana is a burial event in which the bones of the dead are'turned'

© Hilary Bradt” > The famadihana is a burial event in which the bones of the dead are’ turned ‘© Hilary Bradt The Afro-Asian origin of the Malagasy has produced an individuals with complicated and remarkable beliefs and customizeds. Regardless of the numerous people or clans, the country shares not only a typical language but a belief in the power of dead ancestors– razana. Try to coincide a journey with a visit to a famadihana— a Malagusy burial ceremony.

A wealth of water activities

Dolphins Nosy Be Madagascar by Daniel Austin Nosy Be is among the very best locations for dolphin watching © Daniel Austin As an island, Madagascar has no shortage of ocean. There’s something for everyone: from diving and snorkelling to windsurfing and kite-surfing; the diverse sea life consists of dolphins, whales, turtles and myriad colourful reef fish.

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