Arduino Powered Sandwich-O-Matic Machine Makes Light Work Of Your Lunch (video)

Arduino Powered Sandwich-O-Matic Machine

Arduino enthusiasts acid for a new plan to keep them bustling over a holiday season, might be meddlesome in a new sandwich creation appurtenance called a Sandwich-o-Matic, that has been combined by a tiny group of developers and makers during a thirty-six hour hackathon.

The group consisting of Clive Chan, Colin Daly, Alex Foley and Wilson Wu have used a small Arduino hardware and programming together with a toaster and other components to emanate a rotating dispenser that is tranquil by servos, to assistance emanate a ideal sandwich creation machine.

Check out a proof videos next to learn some-more about a Sandwich-o-Matic that accepts both voice and NFC commands for sandwiches.

Why rubbish time creation food, when we can only get something else to prepare for you? Sandwich-o-matic originated from an thought of a toaster that butters your toast for you. We explored a idea, and took it a step serve by building a voice tranquil sandwich maker. Sandwich-o-matic is a entirely automated, voice tranquil sandwich creation machine. Simply daub a “begin recording” symbol on a site, and tell a appurtenance your sequence (for example, “please make me a sandwich with peppers and sausage”). The appurtenance will erect a sandwich from scratch, right before your eyes!!

Sandwich-o-matic was an desirous thought for a thirty-six hour hackathon. We spent a lot of time formulation a pattern for functionality (e.g. a spinning disks underneath any commanding chamber), and even some-more time building a parts. We used Servos for all of a relocating tools solely for a DC engine that pulls a toaster sideways, all of that are tranquil by a multiple of a Photon and an Arduino. The back-end is node, hosted on AWS. We used a Google Cloud Platform for voice to content features.

For some-more information on a new Sandwich-o-Matic burst over to a Dev Post website for sum by following a couple below.

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