Alex Kaplan On The Launch Of GolfTV.

With Golf TV announced as the live video streaming service at the centre of Discoverys US$2 billion deal with the PGA Tour, Sports Pro spoke to Discovery Golf president Alex Kaplan about a product and a partnership that could change the course of sports broadcasting.

Nobody has ever done this before: Discovery Golf president Alex Kaplan on the launch of Golf TV Since Discovery signed its US$2 billion deal with the PGA Tour in June for the international media rights to North Americas premier golfing circuit, intrigue has surrounded the makeup of the product that will carry more than 2,000 hours of PGA Tour content each year.

Following the unveiling of the Golf TV brand, Sports Pro spoke to Alex Kaplan , president and general manager of Discovery Golf, to get his take on the reasoning behind such a huge commitment, the challenges of producing a unique platform and how Golf TV has the opportunity to change the way that golf is broadcast forever.

Then, in those markets where we have all the rights, where the existing PGA Tour distribution deal has expired, Golf TV will provide a lot more than PGA Tour Live rights.


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