Abdul Sattar Edhi Google doodle celebrates Pakistani humanitarian who founded Edhi Foundation

Today’s Google doodle honors Abdul Sattar Edhi, a man who dedicated his life to providing social services for those in need.

Crediting Edhi with being a “global-reaching philanthropist and humanitarian,” Google says Edhi was born in India but moved to Pakistan soon after it became a nation, founding the Edhi foundation in 1951.

From the Google Doodle blog:

He soon noticed that many Pakistanis lacked shelter, medicine, education, and other essentials, and was moved to help in any way he could. He began by simply asking others around him to contribute time or money, especially when a flu epidemic hit Karachi.

Google reports that the Edhi Foundation operates 24 hours a day and offers multiple social services, including homeless shelters and medical care. “Most notably, the foundation operates the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan,” says Google.

Google didn’t share who designed the doodle, but it leads to a search for “Abdul Sattar Edhis.” Here is the full doodle image, highlighting Edhi’s ambulance services.

The Abdul Sattar Edhi doodle is displayed on Google’s US home page, in addition to a limited number of other international homepages, including Pakistan, the UK, Australia and Japan.

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