6 Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bed for Your Room

, 6 Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bed for Your Room, #Bizwhiznetwork.com Innovation ΛI

For many of us, bedrooms are a respite from the world. At the end of a challenging day, there’s nothing quite as comforting as falling into bed and getting some well-deserved rest.

Getting an adjustable bed is the best way to take your room to the next level. Here are just six of the most compelling reasons for buying an adjustable bed!

They Promote Better Breathing

There are many reasons why you should buy an adjustable bed, but the main benefit is the positive impact that these beds have on sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is a problem that impacts an estimated 22 million Americans. Mild cases of sleep apnea can prevent those affected—and their significant others—from getting undisrupted sleep, which can lead to sleep deprivation over time.

Serious cases of sleep apnea can even result in death, due to a lack of oxygen traveling to the heart. Elevation is one of the many treatments used to help offset the impacts of sleep apnea and open the airway.

Adjustable beds not only help those battling sleep apnea, but can also put users in an optimum sleeping position during cold and flu season. With one of these beds, stuffy noses and dry coughs will become just a minor annoyance, and you’ll get the rest you need to get better when these issues arise.

Those users impacted by other breathing disorders, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma, will also benefit from having their upper respiratory system elevated during periods of rest.

They Elevate the Legs

There’s a reason elevation is commonly used to treat injuries, especially those that are sports-related. Elevating your legs redirects fluid toward your heart, which can help offset swelling and inflammation and improve circulation throughout the body.

It’s no secret that as the body ages, the joints make their presence known. Having an adjustable bed can offset any aches and pains you may experience—whether they’re caused by age, a tough day at the gym or both.

They’re Multifunctional

For some, a bed is more than a place to rest your head at
night; it’s a personal sanctuary.

Beds are a place where people catch up on Saturday morning
cartoons with their children or get work done, free from the distractions and
restrictions of the office. Book lovers know the challenge of finding a
comfortable position to read—not to mention the risk of falling asleep and
dropping the book on their face, again!

An adjustable bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used in various ways that fit your lifestyle.

They Can Be Eco-Friendly

There are a wide variety of eco-friendly beds available on the market. Instead of opting for beds made with synthetic materials, you can get a bed made with natural materials such as organic cotton and organic latex. These are more sustainable than synthetic alternatives, since they’re treated with little to no chemicals. Since they’re so natural, they don’t off-gas chemicals and are, therefore, healthier to have in the home.

These beds do cost a premium, but if you consider the amount of time you spend sleeping, they can be well worth the cost!

They Help With Mobility Restrictions

Senior woman in wheelchair next to bed via Pixabay

Adjustable beds make it easier to get in and out of bed for those who have mobility restrictions. For example, an individual who uses a wheelchair will have an easier time getting into a position that helps them transition from their bed to the chair and back.

Seniors, in particular, will benefit from an adjustable bed as time goes by. Having the ability to change the bed’s settings will reduce the need for assistance. Since the loss of independence is one of the most challenging aspects of aging, having tools like an adjustable bed in place can make a significant difference for seniors who need just a little extra help getting around.

They Improve Digestion

Studies have shown that lying flat can slow down digestion and make the body work harder than it needs to for this process. Those prone to heartburn or acid reflux are also more likely to experience pain and discomfort while lying in a flat position.

A person’s digestive system will actually operate best while they’re in a standing position. In a perfect world, people wouldn’t go to bed within three hours of eating! However, lying in a slightly elevated position can help keep things moving when a generous break between eating and sleeping isn’t possible.

For People of Any Age and Lifestyle

Using an adjustable bed comes with a wide variety of practical, convenience-centered benefits for people of any age and lifestyle. Say goodnight to restless evenings, and make the switch today!

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, 6 Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bed for Your Room, #Bizwhiznetwork.com Innovation ΛI

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