6 of a Best Android Phones Out There Today

Buying a smartphone is mostly a treacherous variety of shade resolutions, features, and processors speeds. How can we arrange by it all but help? Before we palm over your cash, be certain to check out this list of a 6 best Android phones accessible in a United States now.

6. HTC One X

HTC One XImage around Flickr from Magnus Jonasson

Boasting 32GB of digital storage and 4.7 in. screen, this indication is another implausible serve to a already implausible HTC One phones now on a market. The One X’s quad-core processor creates for quick download times and seamless app running. Tech Radar also gave a phone high outlines for a HD arrangement and slim breadth (only 8.9mm).

Sealed Battery Notice: HTC opted to understanding with a battery for a One X inside a chassis, definition we can’t barter it out in a eventuality we can’t find a charger. Updates to a device’s program practiced default facilities that devoured battery life during a initial launch.

5. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy 4Image around Flickr from Karlis Dambrans

It’s tough to skip a Galaxy S4‘s full five-inch shade and industry-leading Super AMOLED HD resolution. Those facilities don’t go to rubbish when interconnected with a phone’s 13-megapixel camera that also facilities 1080p video recording. An SD memory label container to boost device storage is ideal for those users that like to lift their whole record collection with them.

Heavier Home Button: Remember how a Galaxy S3’s home symbol could relapse with complicated use? Samsung used a heavier cosmetic for a S4, that reduces a altogether aria on this critical part.

4. Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto XImage around Flickr from Anderson N. Leonardo

Armed with a energy adapter sporting dual USB ports, Moto X users can assign their phone and another device during a same time. In serve to convenience, this smartphone’s core facilities give some of a industry’s longest speak and video streaming times. According to PC Mag’s possess studies, a Moto X postulated some-more than 8 hours of Wi-Fi video streaming and over 14 hours of speak time.

Voice Activation that Works: Google Now formation provides a constrained user knowledge for voice commands and questions. No need to pull a button, only call out, “OK Google Now,” and ask away.

3. LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G ProImage around Flickr from Vernon Chan

Want one of a largest screens accessible in an Android phone? Look no serve than a Optimus G Pro’s 5.5-inch HD LCD display. Straddling a tech line between mobile and tablet, this device creates multitasking probable with widgets that make for easy app loading. The phone’s split-screen capabilities, permitting users to run (and view) dual programs during once, is ideal for a business world.

Use Two Hands: The phone’s perfect distance requires dual hands to use. Trying to content with one palm could lead to an costly dump on an revengeful petrify sidewalk.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Note 3Image around Flickr from Karlis Dambrans

Weighing in with an HD shade distance of 5.7 inches, a Galaxy Note 3 isn’t a phone, it’s a handset. The phone’s signature S Pen and concomitant S Note app allows users to make handwritten notes, revise photos and other files while syncing them to a home PC. Despite a far-reaching observation genuine estate, a device is one of a thinner options on a marketplace with a density of only 0.33 inches.

Multiple Color Settings: select from one of 6 tone settings for optimal observation when streaming video, flipping by pictures, or reading an e-book.

1. Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5Image around Flickr from John Karakatsanis

The Snapdragon 800 processor and 1080p hold shade make a Nexus 5 one of a faster Android phones out there. What unequivocally sets a phone detached is a 4.4 KitKat handling system, that integrates with a immeasurable array of Google features, including wireless copy and shade recording.

Slim and Trim OS: KitKat is Google’s lightest handling complement nonetheless in terms of memory with only 512MB clinging to it. The weight detriment could capacitate a hunt engine hulk to confederate a OS on many other phones and devices.

Android phones have some of a many preferred facilities for mobile inclination on a marketplace today. With so many sparkling options to select from, determining what phone we wish might take some-more time than we realize.

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