5 things to try to find in healthy treats

A few of us enjoy them, a few of us don’t need them, and a few of us are downright scared of them. We’re talking treats. In between meals, in some cases appetite calls, blood glucose drops, or dullness hits and you’re going to reach for a treat. Have no fear, we’ve rounded up the leading 5 things to search for in a treat to guarantee you’re fueled, filled, and feeling great without feeling weighed down or guilty.

5 things to look for in healthy snacks

Dietary fiber:

To get the most mileage from your treat, ensure you getting at least 4-5g of fiber. Fiber assists with digestion and satiation so you’ll remain fuller longer and ward off appetite up until your next meal. Almonds, flax seeds, chickpeas, avocado, and raisins contain healthy fiber.


Like fiber, protein doesn’t digest rapidly and will assist keep you fuller longer. Protein likewise serves as the foundation of bones, muscle, and tissues so it does more than simply stop your cravings. Pumpkin seeds, nut butters, and peanuts all consist of a healthy serving of protein.

Real food active ingredients:

As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, you probably should not be consuming it. If you’re snacking on packaged foods, have a look at the dietary label and make certain your snack isn’t packing secret ingredients like sugar alcohols or preservatives. Our Pumpkin Seed Bars are made with just pumpkin seeds, honey, and spices and

will definitely pass the real food test. 100-200 calories: While we’re not fans of extreme calorie counting, it is very important to consider your calorie consumption when snacking, specifically in contrast to your regular meals. The treat sweet spot is around 100-200 calories total. That’s sufficient to offer you the energy you have to power on to the next meal without overindulging. Our Chia Bars are all around 100 calories and Pumpkin Seed Bars are 180. Craving a bit more on some days? Leading your Chia or Pumpkin Seed Bar with nut butter and fuel up!

Quickly portable:

There’s absolutely nothing worse than loading a delicious treat just to find it mashed and destroyed when you’re battling cravings. Take care with fruit to not bruise it or let it get too warm. Nuts and treat bars can endure being tossed in a bag and sitting in hot cars and trucks and make excellent travel snacks. Find our preferred portable treats here.



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