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This Star Went Supernova

For the first time in human history, scientists have watched a core-collapse supernova from beginning to end, in real time. The progenitor star was a red supergiant of about ten solar masses, some 120 million light-years away. In its final months, the dying star’s brightness flared dramatically as it cast …

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Kids And TikTok

Kids now spend nearly as much time watching TikTok as YouTube in US, UK and Spain A new study on kids’ app usage and habits indicates a major threat to YouTube’s dominance, as kids now split their time between Google’s online video platform and other apps, like TikTok, Netflix and …

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Watching Planet Earth

The critically acclaimed Planet Earth II came to a overwhelming end on Sunday night on BBC One. The David Attenborough array ventured around a world, from Jungles and Islands to Mountains and Cities, giving an rare perspective of how animals tarry a hurdles of these habitats on earth. The documentary …

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